Julian Dismore: Direct Productions Head of Training - Testimonials 

Lorraine Kelly: TV Presenter 

Having worked with Julian on numerous productions, I can testify that he’s not only a joy to work with but he’s organised, utterly professional and able to think on his feet. He’s cool under pressure and full of passion for the projects he undertakes. He has buckets of common sense and is full of practical advice. When you combine that with his creative flair you have an incredible combination. Listen to this man! 

Mick McAvoy: TV Executive 

Julian has amazing knowledge of TV production. I learned a huge amount from him, from research skills all the way through to directing. He’s an inspirational teacher, full of tips and advice for potential TV recruits and experienced directors alike. I will always be in his debt for what he taught me. It has become the bedrock my career has been built on.  

Charlie Robb: Edinburgh Fringe Festival Comedian 

Julian is a great mentor for anyone desperate to put their foot in the door of a notoriously difficult industry. But with his training I was able to build a network of valuable contacts, understand how to approach industry professionals effectively and have a sharper sense of direction with achieving what I wanted in the media world. He is clear, helpful, direct and motivational. I can't recommend anyone more for helping get a media career off the ground! 

Nigel Fullwood: Lancaster University Scientist 

The tips and advice on interviews in the media improved my confidence as a result when the Lancaster press office asked me (yesterday) to be interviewed on my work and on stem cells in general I agreed. And last night I did a media interview with Radio 5 live - and they used 7 minutes of it! This has been a great boost to my confidence and has helped promote and publicise the work done at Lancaster University. 

Timothy Cranston: Oxford University Researcher 

I attended a day course “The secrets of presenting to camera” as our Department looks to add videos to its new website. Julian’s energy, passion and experience was clear from the beginning of the day. He was quick to engage each member of the course and relate to their own particular reason for being on the course. Throughout the day he drew from his own experience in film directing and producing, unmasking many of the tips and tricks used for presenting and interviewing. I found the course extremely useful and also entertaining as we were given a wide range of exercises to complete, reinforcing that the best way to learn is by doing. I came away with a real understanding of the preparation required before an interview and how to engage an interviewee, to conduct a successful interview on camera. On top of that I had good fun and made useful contacts of other people within the University working on web-videos. 

Imane Bou-Saboun – Cambridge University Undergraduate 

I am so very grateful to have crossed paths with Julian. I was lucky enough to attend his course on how to perfect my skills from writing a cover letter and CV up to carrying out the job itself the best way possible. His patience and generosity as a teacher are praiseworthy, as well as the incredible variety of experiences and anecdotes he has to share. He keeps it real as well, giving you accurate descriptions of what to expect, all whilst providing you with the tools necessary to make a great first impression and a solid start in the industry. I applied his tips in terms of cover letter and CV finessing, and I now have an interview in London for what I hope to be my first work experience, which I am very excited about. 

David Baker: Oxford University Computer Service 

Julian has run two ‘Presenting to Camera’ one-day courses for the IT Learning Programme here at OUCS. The courses were offered to academics and staff to enhance their skills both in front of and behind the camera. Feedback on the courses was very good, with participants emphasising the interactive nature of the day and how they benefited from Julian’s experience in the real world of digital media.  Feedback includes ‘the pace of the course was fantastic’. ‘The teacher was very experienced and a good natural speaker’. ‘Fantastic course, teacher and experience. Looking forward for the next one.’ ‘Good interactive course, very successful’ ‘The course was excellent. Informative, interesting, challenging, well delivered, good pace, nice mix of theory and practicals. Really excellent. Highly recommended. Thank you.’ ‘Very useful and very enjoyable’ ‘Julian was an excellent and engaging trainer who kept up a really good momentum and gave really useful insights into the processes involved in capturing audio and video for the web. The group dynamic was incredibly positive and I think Julian played an important role in breaking the ice and helping us feel relaxed with one another - which is important given the anxiety inducing pieces to camera etc.’ ‘The course is excellent and Julian is a great communicator.’ ‘Superb course - well pitched and well facilitated.’ 

Ben Stevens: Which? Magazine and Website 

Julian's done a lot of great work with us over a number of tailored sessions at Which? He's worked with people across our organisation with varying degrees of skill, experience and confidence and has always got the best out of his students. He's able to draw upon his vast experience to give us great ideas for future videos, as well as offer a useful critique of work we've produced. His sessions are full of practical advice and he always leaves us wanting to go and put into use the tips he's provided - and what's more, he's good fun and very easy to get along with. 

Joanna Neve – Cambridge University Graduate 

I thoroughly enjoyed Julian Dismore’s ‘Getting in and on in TV’ training course and found it an invaluable source of information and advice. Julian gave personal feedback on CV finessing and ran a series of participatory activities including a mock interview and initial email writing activity, which highlighted the ways in which I could better utilise my individual experiences and strengths. The course enabled me to identify rookie mistakes in past work experience applications and I now know the steps I could be taking to maximise my chances of a career in TV. With a booklet to take away and pages of personal notes, the course has provided me with the resources to alter my applications and better approach media professionals in the future. Furthermore, I gained many contacts through the course and have since met up with participants for drinks and organised a radio show as a result. I recommend this course for anyone considering a career within media, as Julian highlights media specific tips in CV and email writing, different to the standard CV advice you can find online or at careers advice talks at university. The course is useful for individuals at different stages of their media career, including those who have already completed work experience, as there is lots of advice on how to ‘get on’ in TV, leaving a good impression, networking and building contacts for example. I am very grateful to have been able to take part in Julian’s training course and could not recommend it enough. It was amazing to meet the producer behind some of the shows I see on TV all the time, and no question was too silly for him to answer. The course is an interesting eye opener into the world of TV and a brilliant investment into a future career, an opportunity more people should harness.